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There is no doubt, that there is a lot of potential in iran. It is boasts a domestic market of 80 million people, 12% of the world’s proven oil reserves, 15% of the world’s proven gas reserves, 11 petrochemical complexes, 3 major steel plants ,etc . Iran is certainly a unique market in the Middle East,It is populous, rich in natural resources and apt to technological progress and international developments. The country's natural resources create a significant wealth. In fact, based on a resource-based evaluation, the Iranian economy is the 16th strongest in the world. Those who are interest to invested in Iran should have enough information about all kind of rules, regulations, government and legal guarantees, advantages, risks, Facilities and opportunities about this country. in this section we are trying to connect investors to domestic Organizations and companies due to technologies to speed up your actions . Having educated and professional human resources and according to our huge data base, we can offer comprehensive services from A to Z . the investments areas include :